Internal Blinds


Introducing maintenance-free between-the-glass blinds!

Glenny Glass now has the ability to insulate internal blind I.G. units. We have several versions to fit all of your Residential and Commercial needs. Externally applied magnets operate the blinds, eliminating the need to drill holes into glass.

Internal Blinds are very popular because they never need to be cleaned. Along with minimal upkeep, they are protected from bending, creasing, or breaking by adults, children, or pets! Our blinds are great for patio doors because they do not swing in your way when sliding the doors. We offer a 10 year warranty on our custom blind units. Call us for samples, pricing, and more information.

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Ask us about:

  • SSLT Residential
  • SL20A Commercial Tilt Only
  • SL20C Commercial Lift & Tilt